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BEHR® got into the virtual background game before everybody else.

BEHR® Your Background has your back.

When video calls became the go-to way of staying connected during COVID-19, we leveraged BEHR's library of stylish rooms to offer free virtual backgrounds.

“Behr Your Background” was among the earliest digital campaigns nimbly seizing on the growth of Zoom in everyday interactions....While many services and apps have traditionally had long development cycles, this is a great example of a brand being able to quickly develop utility for customers” — Forbes Drum

From the web to your walls.

BEHR® Your Background not only helped people feel put together, but it also helped them imagine what their homes could look like with a fresh coat of BEHR. Today let's paint and match our real homes to our virtual ones.


Business Intelligence

Uncovering New Business Growth: And It’s Not From Where You Think.

by Heide Hays, Deutsch LA Head of Business Intelligence

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