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Our free brand-building program helps local Black-owned businesses blossom and reach new heights through world-class marketing expertise and resources.

  • Exchange of ideas: To maximize the value of this program, you’ll work alongside other small business owners. This not only allows for an exchange of ideas and best practices, but allows our team to develop tailored strategies to meet the needs of your customer/client base.
  • Social focus: Given the flexibility, minimal required investments for paid media and content production, as well as targeting capabilities, most of the program is focused on social and auction-based media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc.) as a growth engine for your business.
  • Action steps: The program is designed with actionability in mind, meaning we’ve developed easy, right-sized ideas that will be packaged for immediate implementation.
  • Short and sweet: We also acknowledge how much time your business requires, so we’ve structured this program toward brevity and impact. We want to make sure each hour you devote to this will be worth it, and pay dividends for you in the near and long-term.

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